All Things Sush… Not Sushi

As fans of sushi, this is a difficult article to write. I decided to take a solo mission as owner of this company (and website) to see if anything would change when approaching a business as an individual as opposed to a group walking into their business. We are constantly trying to enhance and upgrade our process here, especially with it becoming known in some areas that we are bloggers about businesses and have the ability to change a reputation of one. Well, this experience, as my first sentence foreshadowed, was not a great one… at all.

I went down the road from the office to our team’s favorite sushi hang, All Things Sush. Yes, Sush, not Sushi. That should have been my first disclaimer of what I was about to experience. If you want real sushi, go with a place where the name either doesn’t make sense or fits with the style of most sushi restuarants; not one that sounds like a surfer dude from California just used his inheritance check to open up a fun idea that hes always wanted to do.

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Skydive Oregon – So Much Fun!

We went skydiving at Skydive Oregon yesterday and, well, we are all scared to death!

Of the 6 of us, none of us have ever done it, 2 of us refuse to ever do it, and the 4 of us that did it – well, I already said – we were ready to just give it over with and write about it! We were all running scenarios through our minds about how this could end badly… none of us were looking towards the sky with smiles before going into their business.

With that said, we all landed safely on the ground with our instructors. The beautiful thing is that you cannot jump alone, you have to be strapped to a professional until you get your solo jumping license. How do we know this? The crew over at Skydive Oregon did a fantastic job at sitting us down for a full hour before flight & jump to go through all situations and procedures with us. Not only did they take the confusion away from our minds about what was going to happen, but they even explained the plane, the parachutes, and went into depth about each instructor’s history and abilities.

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Our Launch Party

This week part of our team went on an excursion to kick off this new website launch with full steam ahead. We decided to take ourselves on a journey that included a limousine ride through a wine tour, a visit to a few highly spoke of restaurants, and even jumped out of an airplane (well, most of us did… we will not single out Kerry for not jumping with us; oops, just did).

The total group of us totaled at 6 adults ranging in age from 24 to 62 years of age. You might ask, with that gap in age, how do you all get along? Well – we love what we do so it is pretty damn easy to smile and co-exist with each other. Not to mention, we want to give you the best reviews possible; easier to achieve (we have found) by gaining many different perspectives.

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Why This Website?

We are constantly being asked what caused us to create this website and how we are able to make a living from it.

Well, we believe in transparency and brutal honesty so here it is: we are just awesome.

Hahaha, no seriously – let us break it down for you in a way without all of the ego behind it. When you are passionate about something, when it makes you smile, and when it makes you want to do it every day of your life – you figure out a way to get paid to do it.

It’s that simple?” – you ask?

Eh, not really but yes. Like we said, when you are passionate about something, you find ways to make it work. About 5 years ago in 2011, we were asked by a client of ours (at that time we were a full blown marketing agency doing local print marketing) to leave them an honest review. They wanted to know if we could “Mystery Shop” their location and see how the employees were doing when they weren’t there. The business owner wanted to ensure that his employees were handling the business the same way without him there as they did when he was around to supervise; basically he wanted to ensure quality was the same with or without him there.

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