Our Launch Party

This week part of our team went on an excursion to kick off this new website launch with full steam ahead. We decided to take ourselves on a journey that included a limousine ride through a wine tour, a visit to a few highly spoke of restaurants, and even jumped out of an airplane (well, most of us did… we will not single out Kerry for not jumping with us; oops, just did).

The total group of us totaled at 6 adults ranging in age from 24 to 62 years of age. You might ask, with that gap in age, how do you all get along? Well – we love what we do so it is pretty damn easy to smile and co-exist with each other. Not to mention, we want to give you the best reviews possible; easier to achieve (we have found) by gaining many different perspectives.

launch party

Let’s Get Started

So let us get right into it starting with our limo ride to and from a winery tour. Granted, only 2 of the 6 of us had never been in a limousine before today but that didn’t stop all of us from enjoying the hell out of it. With the driver showing up early to greet us and run us through the plan all the way to the amazing wine that we ended up devouring at the winery.

From our personal experiences, we all agreed that it was such a rare experience for all of us to have someone cater to our desires and needs as much as they did. The driver, beside being knowledgeable about the area and the winery, made us all feel like we were his friends and people he wanted to be around. His demeanor and tone, the entire time, promoted optimism and happiness; which we all absorbed and promoted even further.

The overall experience was supposed to revolve around the wine and the winery itself but the limousine company we hired stole the show. From the beautiful personality of the driver to the amazing limousine that we were picked up in, they stole the show. At the end of the evening it was not the wine we were discussing, it was the ride to it.

We Love Good Hospitality

Being blown away by this hospitality and service is a rare find in this day of business. It was very obvious that this company values anyone that is hired by them as well as the fact that this company holds its reputation close to heart. The word of mouth advertising they must receive (well, besides this post) must be astonishing if they are able to provide this experience; especially since they had no idea we were mystery shopping them.

Hands down, one of the best one on one adventures with another company that we have had to date. We couldn’t think of a better way of releasing our new website than with such an awesome review for some of the best service we have ever received. All of the other limo companies out there have a lot of work to do if they want to match this quality.

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