All Things Sush… Not Sushi

As fans of sushi, this is a difficult article to write. I decided to take a solo mission as owner of this company (and website) to see if anything would change when approaching a business as an individual as opposed to a group walking into their business. We are constantly trying to enhance and upgrade our process here, especially with it becoming known in some areas that we are bloggers about businesses and have the ability to change a reputation of one. Well, this experience, as my first sentence foreshadowed, was not a great one… at all.

I went down the road from the office to our team’s favorite sushi hang, All Things Sush. Yes, Sush, not Sushi. That should have been my first disclaimer of what I was about to experience. If you want real sushi, go with a place where the name either doesn’t make sense or fits with the style of most sushi restuarants; not one that sounds like a surfer dude from California just used his inheritance check to open up a fun idea that hes always wanted to do.

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