Why This Website?

We are constantly being asked what caused us to create this website and how we are able to make a living from it.

Well, we believe in transparency and brutal honesty so here it is: we are just awesome.

Hahaha, no seriously – let us break it down for you in a way without all of the ego behind it. When you are passionate about something, when it makes you smile, and when it makes you want to do it every day of your life – you figure out a way to get paid to do it.

It’s that simple?” – you ask?

Eh, not really but yes. Like we said, when you are passionate about something, you find ways to make it work. About 5 years ago in 2011, we were asked by a client of ours (at that time we were a full blown marketing agency doing local print marketing) to leave them an honest review. They wanted to know if we could “Mystery Shop” their location and see how the employees were doing when they weren’t there. The business owner wanted to ensure that his employees were handling the business the same way without him there as they did when he was around to supervise; basically he wanted to ensure quality was the same with or without him there.

real reviews

Needless to say, we had never done something like that before nor did even know where to begin with the entire process. We slowly started digging out niche by falling on our faces with these trial runs. To be honest with you, our first experience with this client was a disaster. Not only did our “mystery shopper” give himself away as to what he was doing but he also gave the employees pointers on how to receive an amazing grade from him during the experience.

Well, not exactly how you want this to go, right? Right. We dug deeper and deeper of the half a decade and discovered something we all know but don’t want to admit: people lie… a lot. Finding an honest and raw review wouldn’t be too much to ask for, in our opinions. Boy were we wrong. From some people trying to accept (can’t find the right word so we’ll use bribe) bribes to others informing the business of their mystery shopping title, it became apparent that there was a giant need for unbiased, authentic reviews for businesses out there. Not only for the business owners (in the sense of mystery shopping for quality control) but for the world wide web of users trying to find the right business for their needs. We found out passion right there – providing the best, authentic reviews without all the bull behind them. No bribes, no friendships with businesses, no heads up on our intentions… just a real person using a real service/product and giving a RAW REVIEW.

With that – we created this world before you today. So please, enjoy our service here and, hopefully, you can utilize it to find the best match for what you need. ┬áCheck out our next post.

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