Skydive Oregon – So Much Fun!

We went skydiving at Skydive Oregon yesterday and, well, we are all scared to death!

Of the 6 of us, none of us have ever done it, 2 of us refuse to ever do it, and the 4 of us that did it – well, I already said – we were ready to just give it over with and write about it! We were all running scenarios through our minds about how this could end badly… none of us were looking towards the sky with smiles before going into their business.

With that said, we all landed safely on the ground with our instructors. The beautiful thing is that you cannot jump alone, you have to be strapped to a professional until you get your solo jumping license. How do we know this? The crew over at Skydive Oregon did a fantastic job at sitting us down for a full hour before flight & jump to go through all situations and procedures with us. Not only did they take the confusion away from our minds about what was going to happen, but they even explained the plane, the parachutes, and went into depth about each instructor’s history and abilities.

skydiveThe woman I was strapped to had over 6,342 jumps attributed to her name. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Well, she jumped out a plane a lot, obviously! Hahaha, but we digress, when your business is on top of it’s game, it’s shown through how much business you accomplish. Having jumped over 6000 jumps in the span of a couple years shows me that there are a lot of patrons coming through here. Of course, we all inquired more as we are mystery shoppers but it was painfully obvious that they knew what they were doing.

From the prep of our bodies and minds to the full on experience of hurling our bodies out of an airplane at 11,000 feet, this company had nailed their process within their niche. There are two other sky diving shops within 5 miles of here and we chose this one because of the amount of cars in the parking lot. That is ALWAYS the best way to tell if a business deserves your attention or not. If it stinks, people won’t use their service or product ergo there won’t be a lot of vehicles in the parking lot.

Beside a little grass stain on our tushies upon landing, we have absolutely nothing to complain about: except that it went by way too quickly! The 4 of us that did jump are all hooked in a crack addict way to what we went through yesterday. It speaks measures about a company if 4 people who want nothing to do with jumping out of an airplane are already planning their next jump because of how much excitement and fun we have already had doing it.

Will we be mystery shopping any other sky diving joints? Of course – but we won’t do that until we jump out of another airplane with the folks at Skydive Oregon.

Cool Skydiving video… enjoy!

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